Stephen Strasburg

The new “Big Train” has a dominating fastball that touches 100 mph. His 4-seamer flies with some run to his arm side, while his 2-seamer adds significant sink. Strasburg commands and controls his curveball very well, allowing him to use it both as a strikeout pitch and a get-ahead pitch. To complete his repertoire, Stephen deals a changeup that dives onto home plate. Strasburg has a freshly repaired arm with minimal lifetime innings attached to it. With his plus stuff and plus control, Stephen makes pitching look easy.

Strasburg began his collegiate career at San Diego State as a lazy, overweight kid with a good arm. Under Head Coach Tony Gwynn, Strasburg turned his baseball path around, dominated the college game his sophomore and junior seasons, and became the #1 overall draft pick by the Washington Nationals in 2009. With an eerie resemblance to Mark Prior, the only thing that will slow Strasburg down is another injury. 3/2/15 CSJ

    • 4-seam fastball (92-100)
    • 2-seam fastball (91-99)
    • curve (77-83)
    • changeup (86-91)

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