Shelby Miller

Miller wins with his fastball. The right-hander shows an uncanny ability to beat hitters while sitting at “just” 93 mph. His 4-seamer “rises” over bats and produces whiffs. Shelby will occasionally mix in a 2-seamer to RHs that gets adequate run toward their hands. Miller is basically a two-pitch guy, mixing the fastballs with a below average 1 to 7 roller of a curveball. He’ll use a tight slider and firm changeup, but he shows no confidence in either pitch. Miller has average control, which should improve with age.

Recently traded to the Braves, Miller began his pro career as the Cardinals’ first pick (19th) of the 2009 draft. The Texas high schooler blew through the minor leagues and was pitching in St. Louis at the age of 21. If Miller finds a plus secondary pitch to go along with his world beating fastball, this kid will be a Cy Young candidate. 1/30/15 CSJ

  • 4-seam fastball (91-95)
  • 2-seam fastball (91-94)
  • curve (74-77)
  • slider (87-89)
  • changeup (85-86)

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