Mat Latos

Latos saw a dramatic loss in fastball velocity in 2014. His fastball dropped to the 90-92 mph range, instead of the 92-95 mph we were used to seeing from him. Mat tries to work the corners with a 4-seamer that flies in the low 90s. When thrown glove side, the fastball often gets some natural cutting action, which can make the pitch sail off the plate. Mat uses plenty of breaking balls as well. Latos’ out pitch is a slider he picked up after reaching the big leagues. He controls the slider well, it has good depth and is basically a harder version of his curve. The curve acts like a true drop ball, falling straight down as it approaches home plate, getting very little horizontal movement. Unfortunately, the curve lacks bite, and has become a below average pitch since the slider has taken precedence in his repertoire. The right-hander rounds out his four-pitch ansenal with a straight changeup. He’s not afraid to use the changeup and seems to grow more confident in it each year.

Mat Latos was an 11th round draft pick out of Broward College in 2006, and has dominated professional hitters since then. Latos has a classic pitcher’s frame. He’s tall, lean, and uses his height to throw the ball downhill, creating a difficult hitting angle. Latos doesn’t use his legs to drive towards home plate, preferring to just fall towards the batter and let gravity do the work. This makes his delivery look a little uncomfortable, since he isn’t using his body to support his tattooed arm. Latos uses a very short slide-step to keep baserunners close. 2/6/15 CSJ

  • 4-seam fastball (89-95)
  • slider (80-86)
  • curve(75-79)
  • changeup(79-83)

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