James Shields

Shields is one of the most complete pitchers in the game. He throws his four pitch repertoire with good command and control of each offering. James starts with his 2 and 4-seam fastballs. He works corners well and tries to keep the ball down. Shields is famous for his changeup, which is known as one of the best cambios in baseball. He gets great deception and considerable sink on the pitch when it’s thrown well. His cutter is best when thrown to his glove side, and not quite as sharp when he’s going backdoor to LHs and frontdoor to RHs. Shields’ fourth pitch is his curveball. The curve is underrated, getting good bite around 80 mph.

Shields has a unique no-look release, which is surprising when you consider his excellent control. The right-hander is durable, having thrown over 200 innings in each of the last eight seasons. Shields has been a big part of both the Rays and Royals runs to the World Series in recent years, and will look to bring the same success to Los Padres. 2/10/15 CSJ

  • 4-seam fastball (93-94)
  • 2-seam fastball (91-93)
  • changeup (84-87)
  • cutter (86-90)
  • curve (79-81)

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