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Jim Palmer / RHP / starter

Baltimore Orioles

Palmer is famous for his big 12 to 6 breaking ball and rightfully so. The pitch got huge break and left hitters trying to foul the pitch off, while clumsily balancing on their front foot. However, it seems that his fastball was his best pitch. He used a high leg kick and slung his fastball towards home plate. The pitch must have sat in the mid-90s consistently. Palmer’s third pitch was a changeup that I saw him bounce terribly on a couple occasions. 10/22/08 CSJ

[fastball, curve, changeup (1969 WS Game 3)]

Nolan Ryan / RHP / starter

New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers

Nolan Ryan was a fastball/curveball pitcher. Both pitches were “plus plus”, with his fastball rated as maybe the best ever. The curveball got very late, sharp break, and buckled knees. Surprisingly, I noticed Ryan throw a changeup in his ’69 WS Game 3 appearance. 10/22/08 CSJ

[4-seam fastball, curve, changeup (1969 WS Game 3)]

Tom Seaver / RHP / starter

New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox

Tom Terrific simply dealt on people. He had an excellent fastball that popped the catcher’s mitt in the low to mid-90s. His breaking balls were his signature though and he mixed in plenty of them. He threw a slider that swept across the hitting zone before falling off the table. Then Tom mixed in two types of curveballs. He threw a standard 12 to 6 curve, but then would occasionally slow everything down and lob in a 60 mph breaking pitch. At times his breaking balls all seemed to blend together into one downward breaking pitch that he simply varied the speed on. I did not get a good look at any pitches I thought might be changeups. 10/22/08 CSJ

[fastball, slider, curve, slow curve (1969 WS Game 4)]

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