What is this site?

60ft6in.com is the home of the Factor12 Rating and pitcher scouting reports. All scouting information is gathered through video analysis. Simply put, our reports tell you what pitchers throw, and how they use their repertoires. Rehashing ERAs and other numbers you can pick off a basic stat line is not for us.

Who’s writing this stuff?

My name is Sven Jenkins, and I’m an independent baseball analyst from Poughkeepsie, NY. I currently do freelance work for STATS LLC, who I’ve been with since 2000, spending most of my time charting pitches. I have done research for the St. Louis Cardinals, scored spring training games for MLB.com and worked one season with Baseball Info Solutions in 2007.  I have also spent many nights as an official scorer in the minor leagues and played NCAA D-III baseball at SUNY New Paltz. In the off-season I travel the world, having enjoyed over 1,200 days on the road through 41 different countries. Email me at jenkins AT 60ft6in DOT com.

Josh Robbins, fellow traveler, has provided the majority of stadium photos for the site.  He authors blog posts and was a major contributor to the development of the Factor12 Rating.  Josh is a Video-Journalist and Baseball Historian living in Gilbert, Arizona.  In 2010, he earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from CSU-Long Beach.  From June 16 to July 11, 2008, he watched a game in all 30 MLB stadiums in a world record 26 days by car.  You can email Josh at robbinsjosh AT hotmail DOT com.

You can email us at: jenkins AT 60ft6in DOT com

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Is 60ft6in.com looking for help?

Absolutely! If you get something out of the site, please give something back. So help us out and buy a beer below….

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