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    • I will usually make a reference to an “out pitch” if I believe a pitcher has a specific pitch he uses as his kill pitch. But yeah, maybe this is something I should think about more often.

      • Hello, I thought you’d like to know that you mispelled the word “marshall” on your website. I’ve had similar mistakes on my site that keep cropping up so I now use a site like to keep them off. -Scott

  1. Sven,
    Long story short: someone forwarded me an email from Josh about this new pitching stat. Gimme the low down on this.

    I can help get the word out if you want. I’ve gotten a little over 1000 hits on my site in the last five days, a decent amount of traffic, though I’ve only been consistently writing about for it for a few weeks now.

    Hit me back.


  2. Do you have anyway of measuring how the great Negro League pitchers like “Satchel” Paige and Bill Foster compare to great HOF Major League pitchers?
    Bob May
    Author of “The Best Season-The First Ninety Games” honoring Black Ball (segregated baseball) through baseball game simulation.

    • We haven’t done anything yet with the Negro Leagues. This spring, we may run the numbers from those leagues, but making comparisons between leagues will still be difficult. Thanks for reading our stuff!

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