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Aaron Cook / RHP / starter

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Cook has a decent sinking fastball, and attempts to use it Brandon Webb style, over 80% of the time. He will continue to bore it low and in to RHs and sink it away from LHs. Cook has a slider that he'll change velocities with. He'll mix it in anywhere between the low-upper 80s. Cook also uses a rare slow curveball. Aaron will rarely use his changeup, and may not show it in a given start. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(89-94), slider(81-89), curve(77-78), change(83-87)


Huston Street / RHP / closer

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Street has a very low 3/4 or sidearm delivery. His fastball velocity has dropped slightly since his first callup, now sitting around 90 MPH. His slider is short and tight, slightly different than the sweeping sidearm sliders we usually see. He also throws changeups that sink hard. Huston has been closing baseball games since his freshman year at Texas. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-93), slider(82-85), changeup(80-84)

Jorge de la Rosa / LHP / starter

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Jorge, from Monterrey, Mexico, is a four-pitch pitcher. His fastball looks good, especially coming from the left side. He mixes in slow curves, a sharper slider, and a splitter. His repertoire looks decent and when he's on, he can be dominant, but an overall lack of command has given him problems at the major league level. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), splitter(80-85), slider(82-88), curve(69-78)

Jhoulys Chacin / RHP / starter

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Chacin has made himself into one of the top prospects in baseball. He throws two distinct fastballs; a straight 4-seamer that touches 95 MPH and a sinking 2-seamer that sits in the low-90s. His two seamer moves all over the place at times, sometimes even appearing to cut on him. Chacin is known for his good changeup, a pitch that can dive under bats. Jhoulys' fourth pitch is his breaking ball, which gets some sharp break, but appears to be tough for him to command. The Rockies are using Chacin out of the bullpen in 2009, even though Jhoulys is projected to be a frontline starting pitcher. 8/1/09 CSJ

*4-seamer(93-96), 2-seamer(89-93), changeup(84-85), curve(79-83)

Matt Daley / RHP / reliever

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Daley pitches out of a Ricky Henderson type crouch, using his back leg to really drive his pitches towards home plate. He offers a standard repertoire of fastball, slider, and changeup. His stuff looks pretty average, but he stands a chance of being successful due to his good command. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-91), slider(79-82), changeup(82-83)

Franklin Morales / LHP / reliever

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Morales has an excellent arm and has piled up Ks in the minor leagues. Unfortunately, he also issues too many walks, negating his strikeout ability. Morales uses a standard repertoire of fastball, curve, and changeup. He can bring 95 MPH heat with the fastball and break off sharp 11-5 curveballs. The changeup is fairly straight, but can get good deception. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(93-95), curve, changeup(82-85)

Taylor Buchholz / RHP / reliever

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Buchholz throws a common repertoire. He has a moving fastball, a hard curve, and a sinking changeup. Now that he has found a role as a setup man, he knows he can bring his best stuff for short stints, and it has improved his performance. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(92-95), curve(80-83), changeup

Ubaldo Jimenez / RHP / starter

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Jimenez has electric stuff, starting with a heavy, moving, mid-upper 90s fastball. He'll mix in a big-breaking power curve which can touch the low-80's, particularly early in the game. This is a true swing-and-miss pitch if he can get it near the strike zone. Jimenez has improved his slider, and now uses plenty of these tight spinners in the upper-80s. He also owns two different offspeed pitches, a sinking changeup and a splitter. The changeup gets good sinking action, but isn't used nearly enough. Jimenez seems to save the splitter for strikeout situations. He has a good pitcher's frame, but has had injury (broken shoulder blade) and control problems in the past. Ubaldo is putting together a solid year in 2009 by harnessing some command, and seems to have solidified himself as a quality starting pitcher. 8/1/09

*fastball(92-99), curve(75-81), slider(85-89), changeup(83-86), splitter(87-89)

Jason Hammel / RHP / starter

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Cut from his high school varsity squad, he has certainly embarrassed that head coach. Hammel can bring low-90s heat with decent movement. His changeup looks like his next best offering, getting movement from his good arm action. Hammel throws two different breaking balls as well. He has a curveball that gets good 12-6 drop, but like many pitchers, he has a hard time commanding it. Lastly Hammel's slider is used fairly often, but it doesn't appear to get very good bite. It's more of a slurvy pitch. 4/29/08 CSJ

*fastball(89-93), changeup(83-84), curveball(74-76), slider(81-85)

Rafael Betancourt / RHP / reliever

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Betancourt is very deliberate on the mound. The time he takes to get from receiving his sign to coming set is notoriously long. Then, about 85% of the time he's throwing a fastball. He continually pounds the outside corner when facing LHs. His velocity is good, usually sitting in the low-90s. Betancourt's success may come from his maddening slow pace that lulls hitters to sleep. That, or his excellent command of the fastball. Betancourt will mix in a sinking changeup, usually to LHs only. He also has a hard biting curveball, usually thrown to RHs. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-93), changeup(82-85), curve(78-83)

Manny Corpas / RHP / reliever

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Corpas throws a moving fastball and a slider. He has a free and easy motion that allows his fastball to get good sink and tail. Manny will vary his slider velocities and tilt. Since he doesn't throw a changeup, Corpas will often backdoor the slider to LHs. It looks like Corpas' dominant 2007 might have been just a fluke. During the rest of his career, including the minor leagues, he's proven to be very hittable. 4/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(91-93), slider(79-82)

Jeff Francis / LHP / starter

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Francis is doing more 'pitching' nowadays. He doesn't bring 90mph with every pitch anymore, but he can on occasion. He usually throws around 85mph, trying to get his fastball to sink. His changeup has become his best pitch and he seems to spot it well. His breaking ball is a sweeping curve in the low-70s. He does not throw a slider, but when he pulls his changeup to his glove side, it can resemble one to an unscrupulous viewer. Francis had a meteoric rise through the minor leagues after being drafted in the first round of 2002, but hasn't quite been able to dominate the major leagues in the same fashion. I believe he has lost much of his old Canadian velocity. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(83-91), changeup(78-80), curve(69-73)

Greg Smith / LHP / starter

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Greg Smith is lefthanded and relies on his fastball. He'll move his fastball inside and out. Smith will then use the basic lefthander's strategy of throwing his breaking ball to LHs and changeup to RHs. Smith put up solid numbers in '08, and with his decent fastball he has a chance for success. Strangely, Smith's curveball, his least used offering, looks like a plus pitch to me. 7/21/08 CSJ

*fastball(84-90), changeup(76-80), slider(79-82), curve(74)

Greg Reynolds / RHP / starter

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A #2 overall draftpick out of Stanford, Reynolds holds large expectations, but looks a little short on stuff. He deals a sinking fastball in the low-90s that he moves in and out. His breaking ball is a 'spiked' curve, and he floats in a sinking changeup to LHs. His minor and major league numbers do not point to stardom either. 6/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(86-93), curve(77-82), changeup(80-84)


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