King Felix Needs to Pitch More

Why is the Seattle Mariners organization babying Felix Hernandez in 2013?  Manager Eric Wedge has pulled “The King” from his past five starts between 93-97 pitches.

Felix HernandezThe right-hander signed a seven-year contract extension with an average annual value (AAV) of 25-million dollars.  Perhaps, this has something to do with the quick hook or is it something else?

On Opening Day, the Mariners ace threw a 109 pitches in 7.67 IP against the Oakland Athletics.  During his next three starts, Hernandez tossed 108, 113, and 106 pitches covering 21 IP.  Why did Hernandez throw more pitches right out of Spring Training than in his most recent starts?  This makes no sense.

Hernandez averages only 14.17 Pit/IP this season, which equates to 127 pitches per nine innings.  The right-hander has worked in the eighth inning in 5 of 9 starts, resulting in under usage of the franchise’s greatest asset.

It is hard to argue with the results.  During his first nine starts, Hernandez has posted a 5-2 record, 1.53 ERA, 0.93 WHIP, and +54 SO-BB.  However, Tuesday’s loss against the New York Yankees could have been avoided with another inning of work from Seattle’s finest hurler.

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  1. Last night Felix was in a collision at the first base bag. He was limping around during his last inning. That is probably why he got pulled early yesterday, but I know what you’re saying. The M’s should be able to get 105-115 out of him every start.

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