Pedroia needs to be Red Sox Captain

The Boston Red Sox came into the American League in 1901 and for the first five years they had only one captain, third baseman Jimmy Collins from 1901-1905.

Collins-Jimmy bsn 1899

From 1906 through 1923, they had 15 players accept that role up through Mike Menosky in 1923.

Then the Red Sox were captain-less from 1924 through 1939.

Jimmie Foxx was captain of the Sox from 1940-1942, and nobody else took that “C” until Carl Yastrzemski accepted it from manager Bill Herman in 1966.

In 1967, Captain Carl lost his C in Spring Training when new manager Dick Williams said; “No, we will not have a captain this year, I know what Billy (Herman) had in mind. He hoped to give Yaz more responsibility and make him more aggressive. But a manager has to be the leader himself. I will be the captain.”

The headlines in the Sarasota Herald on March 26, 1967 said “Williams plans to run taut ship.”,6520890

The strategy worked in 1967 as the Impossible Dream team was 100 to one to win the AL pennant, and with Yaz going 7-8 those last two games against the Twins, the dream came true for that memorable season.

captain CarlThe luster of winning didn’t last for manager Williams as the Red Sox fired him with nine games left in the 1969 season. Eddie Popowski was only in charge in Boston for those nine games, but he did give Yaz his captaincy back, which Captain Carl held until he retired in 1983.

Jim Rice took the baton after a one year hiatus, and became Boston captain from 1985-1989.

The Red Sox did not have another, until Jason Varitek took the “C” for his jersey in December of 2004, and held that post until his last game in 2011.

The team in 2012 was a rudderless ship, and stability at the top never occurred with Bobby Valentine.

The 2013 Red Sox season has started with much more promise compared to last year.

New manger John Farrell looks like a good leader, but maybe there is one role he could add.

All that is missing is a new Captain for this team.

There is only one player on the 2013 Red Sox roster that could put that “C” on his Red Sox jersey, and use it for a positive effect on the team.

The day after he was brought up to Boston in August of 2006, was the first time I was inside the Red Sox offices.  I was asked, “Well we brought up your kid what do you think he will do for us now?”

Dustin+Pedroia+Boston+Red+Sox+Photo+Day+PVJU0TagiPklBack then I said. “Why did you give him number 64? This guy is going to be a star. We should give him number five, because nobody is going to remember Nomar after this kid. MVP, HOF, don’t ever trade this guy. He is going to be the heart and soul of the Red Sox for a long time.”

Dustin Pedroia deserves that long extension on his contract now, and deserves to be named Captain of the team for the rest of his Red Sox career.

Yastrzemski…. Rice…. Varitek…. Pedroia?

Do you think Dustin Pedroia should be named Captain of the Boston Red Sox?

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