The Red Sox and Pirates seem to be good trading partners this off-season. A big deal at the end of December already brought Joel Hanrahan to Boston.

If the two sides keep the communications open there might be another deal to be made.

Garrett Jones

The Pirates are the ones to start the latest rumor that Garrett Jones might be going to Boston, and Jose Iglesias might be the starting point for that trade. This tweet by Pittsburgh writer Tom Singer has still been lingering:

The Pirates must recall the last time they took a slick young infielder from Boston in what turned out to be a one sided deal in 2003. Pittsburgh traded Jeff Suppan and Brandon Lyon at the trade deadline, and got Freddy Sanchez and Michael Gonzalez in a steal from Boston.

Right now Pittsburgh has what was rated the number one farm system in baseball. They have a logjam at first base, and really need a starting shortstop. Jose Iglesias could fill their needs, but they still would want more in return.

Boston might part with pitchers like Anthony Ranaudo or Brandon Workman, or would the Pirates rather have Franklin Morales and Alfredo Aceves?

If Boston gave up one of the prospects from the Dodger deal, like Allen Webster (who is currently the youngest player on the Red Sox 40 man roster), would Pittsburgh pull the trigger on a Webster/ Iglesias for Garrett Jones deal?

What would you trade for Garrett Jones?

A. Iglesias, Aceves, Morales. (Iglesias would be a great number eight hitter in the NL, and Morales would make the Bucs starting rotation. Aceves could burn new bridges.)

B. Iglesias, Ranaudo, Workman. (Ranaudo could be the top five pick he once was predicted to be at LSU. Workman could be another Texas Longhorn that makes it.)

C. Iglesias, Webster. (Webster was the guy the Cubs wanted from LA for Dempster last July.)

D. Iglesias, Kalish, Morales. (Kalish won’t play with Jones in Boston anyway.)