The 2013 Hall of Fame ballot…. turns intelligent people into fools.

Barry BondsThe Steroid Era destroyed cherished baseball records. By the time it was over, the most successful players of our time, like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Mark McGwire, saw their integrity destroyed.

This Hall of Fame vote was supposed to be one of the most celebrated of all-time. Instead, it has turned into a drama of nonsensical television discussions and brain-dead blog posts.

Bill James, for example, says he would vote for Clemens but not Bonds, Craig Biggio but not Sammy Sosa.

His reasoning is that Bonds “Engaged in a pattern of dishonest conduct, and I hold it against him”.

When talking about Mike Piazza he says, “I think dishonesty is an issue, but I don’t think steroid use, absent evidence of dishonesty, are corrupting the games”.

Here is the clip of Bill James on Clubhouse Confidential:

What is going on around here?!?!  Listen to him bumbling, he doesn’t know what he’s saying, or why he’s saying it.

Hey Bill…. Steroid use, in itself, is dishonesty.

Fools, we’ve all become fools.

I don’t want to pile on just Bill James here, because this is the kind of nonsense I have heard whenever this Hall of Fame vote is discussed.

People think Craig Biggio was clean. Come on, I thought we were done being naive.

Jeff BagwellPeter Gammons was going to vote for Jeff Bagwell because he wrote “My friend Keith Carroll was playing second base when Bagwell hit what Carroll says is the longest home run he ever saw, and they were Connecticut teenagers at the time.” So that proves he didn’t do steroids? I know guys that did steroids in high school. I played with guys that did steroids in college, at the D-III level.

Ken Griffey Jr. won’t be on the ballot until 2015, but he is one of the guys that people say is clean. However, friends of 60ft6in tell me that Ken Griffey Sr. was a drug pusher in the Mariners minor league system in the early 1990’s. So you’re telling me Junior was never on anything?  Doubtful.

Electing some players, but not others, is no way to go about this.

My answer to the Steroid Era question is this…. I would not vote for anyone from that time period,…. yet.  We need more time.  It has only been five years.  There is no rush.

More information is sure to come to light.  More players will be implicated.  More proof of drug abuse will be provided.

And for those players that were clean (if there were any), their reputations will stay intact and they will slowly separate themselves from the dopers.

Just let that happen.

Of course, this assumes that steroid use should keep people out of the Hall of Fame.  However, there is no manual given with these kinds of instructions.

If you don’t care what players did in order to boost their careers, then by all means, you can support Bonds and Clemens and Bagwell.

But if steroid use matters to you, then I believe there is no other option than to hold your vote/support and wait….