Bard’s Woes Lead to New Stat: WHIP+

Do you think Daniel Bard has a better chance of returning to Boston, or Boston winning their division?

Right now it is hard to tell which comeback would be more epic.

The Red Sox currently stand 13 games out of first with 38 games remaining.

Last week, Bard lost two games, gave up eight runs, and walked eight, and hit two batters, in 2.1 innings:

Each of those games is chronicled here.

His WHIP for those three games would be four hits plus seven walks, which equals 11 over 2.33 innings, for a WHIP of 4.72.

If baseball used a true stat for the number batters reaching base, they would include in hit by pitch.

Unfortunately WHIP does not include HBP.

Why not create a new stat and call it WHIP+, and the + would stand for HBP. In Bard’s case he hit two batters in those three games. His WHIP+ would be (13/2.33) 5.58.

How difficult would it be for those that create statistics to add hit by pitch to the WHIP number?

The value of WHIP is supposed to give baseball a number that determines how many batters reach base against a given pitcher. Why should you be able to hit a batter in the head, like Bard did, on a 3-1 pitch, and not have it count in the number of batters that reach base off that pitcher?

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Rick Swanson has been an online feature writer for numerous websites since 2005. He was also a speaker at Boston SABR meetings from 2007-2009. Rick has created three statistics for baseball.... Reaction over Range: A new way to measure defense. Divide reaction time of any play, by the range distance. Umpire Strikezone Score: Take the total number of correct pitches called, divided by the total number of pitches called. Power Pitching: Add WHIP plus ERA and subtract the number of strikeouts per inning. Rick's current title is Consultant, Red Sox and Fenway Park History. In 2007, he was nominated for President of Red Sox Nation by Red Sox team president, Larry Lucchino. You can email Rick here: rickswanson AT cox DOT net


  1. Yeah, there are stats out there to measure baserunners allowed, but what is the point of not including HBP into WHIP? Is it just ease of calculation?

    Also, what I think the real point of Rick’s story is how far Daniel Bard has fallen in such a short time…..

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